Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

Year: 1965

VIN/#: AR854555



Price: (AUD) $63,500


* The cash price does not include transfer fee or stamp duty if this car is sold without registration. May be eligible under “club permit scheme” in Victoria.

The 2600 sprint was first introduced in 1962 with the newly engineered 2584cc Alloy, in-line six cylinder engine coupled with a five speed manual gearbox. However this would be the end of an era for the in-line six that had powered Alfas since the 1920s with the 4 cylinder 1750 arriving on the scene in 1968. With just under 7000 produced worldwide these 2600s are few and far between. Highly regarding as an exceptionally smooth and comfortable driving package these Alfas are sure to please an Alfa Romeo enthusiast. This series II RHD example was produced in 1965 and delivered new to Australia, being one of only two examples delivered here with factory Borrani wire wheels it also came with disc brakes and a shortwave radio. This very authentic 2600 features mostly original paint as well as rare and collectible handbooks, furthermore it has undergone some recent mechanical maintenance including new bushes, master cylinder and new Michelin X tyres. Good original examples of classic and desirable Alfa’s are infrequent with this 2600 truly embodying the essence of a collectible and comfortable classic.






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