Alfa Romeo RLN-S 3L Torpedo

Alfa Romeo RLN-S 3L Torpedo


Year: 1923

Alfa Romeo RLN 2nd Series Spider

The RL was Merosi’s masterpiece and a competition version won the 1923 Targa Florio. Most RLN’s were fitted with heavy coachwork but this car has a light spider, torpedo body design. This RLN is 1 of 29 RL’s imported into Australia by the Australian Alfa Romeo agent, Over Seas motors, Melbourne, in 1922/1923. This is the earliest of 6 RL’s that are remaining in Australia. It has covered less than 1,000km since a complete restoration. During the restoration, it was fitted with twin Zenith carburettors and RL Targa Florio gear rations, which have considerably enhanced its performance.

Year: 1923

Eng/Chassis number: 7064

Body:Gran Premio Spider

Engine: 6 cylinders, overhead valves

Bore: 75mm                                  

Stroke: 110mm

Capacity: 2916cc 71bhp @ 3,400rpm

Transmission: 4 speed gearbox, multi disc clutch

Suspension: Front – Beam axle, semi-elliptic springs

       Rear- live axle, semi-elliptic springs

       Hartford friction shock absorbers

Brakes: Real wheel drums and transmission drum

Weight: 1600kg

Max Speed: 125kph