Aston Martin 15/98 2 Litre Sports

Aston Martin 15/98 2 Litre Sports


Year: 1937

VIN/#: F7/787/LS



Built in 1937 and still with its correct chassis, engine and gearbox this superb 2 litre sports is really a tribute to the famous St John “Jock” Horsfall “Black” car which was so successful in the late 1930’s. The original sports saloon body sustained damage to the rear some years ago and the long term owner decided to rebuild the car to Aston Martin works short chassis specification whilst retaining as much of the cars original “fabric” as possible. This car is now presented featuring Aston Martins in-house 2 litre OHC engine and chassis, it utilizes a Moss gearbox, ENV differential and Girling brakes as original equipment. It retains an original 15/98 engine which, uniquely, still has its original crankshaft and connecting rods. Other original components include: gearbox, rear axle, wheels, brakes and other minor components including lights, instruments, dampers etc. Since Completion this 15/98 has covered many miles without incident. It is a pleasure to drive and gathers admirers wherever it appears. Please contact us for further details.






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