Aston Martin DB4 GT (specification)

Aston Martin DB4 GT (specification)

Expected Shortly
Year: 1959
VIN/#: DB4/180/R

Released in 1958 the Aston Martin DB4 was an instant worldwide success, a year later at the 1959 Paris Motor Show Aston launched the newly developed GT version; it featured a shortened wheel base, strengthened chassis, minimal interior and a higher compression twin plug head, with a power output of 302bhp@6000rpm (62bhp above standard). In total 75 examples were produced by Aston Martin with 45 RHD and 30 LHD.

This beautiful example is in exact facsimile of chassis number DB4GT/0127/R it was owned and raced in Australia from 1987-89. Around this time DB4 GT prices began to climb very rapidly and in order to avoid jeopardising the original cars value and to continue to enjoy racing a DB4 GT, a project was undertaken to utilise an early series 1 DB4 as a donor car. It was a unique opportunity to build a true and accurate replica, in fact the original donor car DB4/180/R is believed to be the Paris Motor Show display car of 1959 (when the DB4 GT was originally launched).



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