Aston Martin DBSZ

Aston Martin DBSZ


Year: 1969

VIN/#: DBS/5392/R


Released in 1958 the Aston Martin DB4 was an instant worldwide success, a year later Aston developed the DB4 GT version that featured a shortened wheel base, strengthened chassis, minimal interior and a twin plug head. Launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1959 it only produced moderate success on the track, it still wasn’t performing as expected, even with extensive factory backing. Aston enlisted the Turin based Zagato who gave the job of styling this DB4 GT to Ercole Spada who himself was only new to Zagato. 
Living up to their reputation of building lightweight aluminium bodies they lost 100lb’s of weight over the standard DB4 GT by replacing many steel components with aluminium and installing Perspex instead of glass for the rear and quater windows. The amazing flowing lines of Zagato along with Aston Martins racing heritage produced arguably the most beautiful British sports car in history.
The DBSZ is a modern, hand-crafted interpretation of the legendary Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato. With the improved rear suspension, wider track and larger brakes derived from a DBS donor vehicle, the DBSZ offers enhanced performance and handling. 
This amazing concept has been displayed at the 2006, 2010 & 2011 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, 2007 Australian International Motor Show and the 2008 Goodwood revival. These Zagato inspired Aston Martins are available to order with a choice of DBS 6 cylinder or V8 engine options.