Citroën 5CV Roadster 1925

Citroën 5CV Roadster 1925


Year: 1925

Price: (AUD) $18,500


* The cash price does not include transfer fee or stamp duty if this car is sold without registration. May be eligible under “club permit scheme” in Victoria.

Chassis No. C67264
Engine No. VA7 1327

Largely regarded as the car that helped put France on wheels, Citroen’s Type C (5CV) was the French equivalent of the Austin 7, debuting in 1922 with a production run of 88,000. Citroen ceased production on the 5CV in 1926, despite a glowing reputation for being a robust, durable and efficient car that fitted within most people’s budgets. Powered by a diminutive, four-cylinder, 855cc, side-valve engine, it was sprung by quarter-elliptic leaf springing all round and like its larger stable mates, the Model A and Model B, proved virtually indestructible in service.

The car was originally called the Type C but was updated to the C2 in 1924 which was in turn superseded by the slightly longer C3 in 1925. The Type C was, and still is, well known as the 5CV due to its French fiscal rating of its engine for taxation purposes.

The original C and updated C2 models had a tourer body built on a 2.25-metre wheelbase, while the C3 had a ‘cloverleaf’ three-seat arrangement and came on a longer 2.35-metre wheelbase. All used inverted quarter-elliptic spring suspension, with braking to the rear wheels (with a hand lever) and transmission (via a foot brake). The first Citroens arrived in Australia just after World War One and these great little French Light Cars remain very popular around the world today.

This right-hand drive example is presented in two tone livery with black guards and maroon body, grey hood and black vinyl beach seat. It was purchased by the current owner in 2008 and is fitted with Olympic Balloon tyres with the spare wheel detached (lacking tyre) but present.