De Tomaso Longchamp Spyder

De Tomaso Longchamp Spyder


Year: 1982

Manufactured between 1972 and 1989, the De Tomaso Longchamp was developed from the only other front engined De Tomaso, the 4 door Deauville and shared the same engine, transmission and suspension package with a shorted chassis.
Powered by the potent Ford 351 V8 (as found in the Pantera) and fitted with a 3 speed Ford C-6 Cruise-o-Matic gearbox, the Longchamp was capable of speeds up to an impressive 240 km/h.
This Longchamp is 1 of 2 Australian delivered Spyders (and 1 of 14 worldwide), and is in over all good condition. The combination of US Muscle performance and reliability, coupled with an Italian style ensures an enjoyable cruising experience. 




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