DODGE 1926 Series 116 steel wheel Tourer

DODGE 1926 Series 116 steel wheel Tourer

Year: 1925
Price: (AUD) $18,500
* The cash price does not include transfer fee or stamp duty if this car is sold without registration. May be eligible under “club permit scheme” in Victoria.

This original Dodge Tourer features the L Head 4 cylinder 212 Cubic Inch engine coupled to a 3 speed gearbox.

Unusual in being fitted with optional 21” steel wheels together with flip down occasional seats in the rear compartment and an adjustable footrest. The steel wheels were and ideal option for Australia tough road conditions.
Fully equipped with roll down main side screens and a top which is in good order.

A very original looking car with a sound body looks the part, but could be improved cosmetically if desired.

Ch#811136. Commission #179.879