Ferrari 308 GT/4

Ferrari 308 GT/4


Year: 1977

Originally introduced in 1973 and badged as the Dino 308 (this was done to differentiate the model from the non V12 Ferraris), the 308 GT4 was the first production Ferrari to feature a mid-mounted V8 (which has since set the tone for many of Ferraris future models).  From 1976 the cars were badged as Ferrari, which at the time did create some confusion. 
Featuring a 3 Litre aluminium V8, mounted transversally mated to a 5 Speed gearbox, the 1,150kg sports car was well received and is still the only 2+2 Ferrari to ever be raced by the factory. 
This 308 was originally built in Feb/Mar 1977 and was delivered to H.R Owen on the 29.9.78 who was the London Ferrari dealer at the time. The car was used as their Factory demonstrator. Originally Azzuro Mettalizato (Metallic Blue) the bodywork is now finished in the iconic red. 
The car made its way from London to California, the onto New Zealand and now resides in Melbourne, Australia. This well maintained Ferrari is in good condition and features a History and receipt file. 
As mentioned previously this Ferrari has been resprayed in the red colour scheme from the original metallic blue. There are no major marks or faults with the bodywork and the cars body is clean and rust free. The paint is in good overall condition with no major blemishes to speak of. Wheels are in good condition with no gutter rash or chunking. 
Please note that the stickers on the guards have been removed (thin and starting to peel).
The interior of this 308 is striking is in good clean condition with no major wear or faults. Leather seats, door trims, centre console, dashboard, steering wheel and carpets are all in very good condition. 
The 3 litre transversally mounted V8 both sounds and runs great. The gearbox feels strong and shifts cleanly while driving and show no signs of any issues.