Honda S600 Fastback

Honda S600 Fastback


Year: 1965

Originally launched in 1964 the Honda S600 was offered in either a roadster or fastback (introduced in March 1965) styles. Interestingly the S600 was the first mass marketed Honda car and also reputedly the first Honda car to deliver a win at a motor sport event (class win at the Nordschleife).

Powered by a 606cc DOHC, water cooled four-cylinder inline engine with four keihin carburettors and designed to rev to 12,500rpm, the engine provided chain drive to the rear wheels and all cars featured a 4 speed manual gearbox.

Throughout the 3-year span of the S600, Honda manufactured 11,284 roadsters and 1,800 coupes.

This high revving 4-cylinder fastback coupe is one of only 1,800 S600 coupes produced, is rust free and in very good original condition.

The body is rust free and the paint and chrome are both in very good condition. Interior wise the car is very original and shows basic wear you would expect for a car of this era and no major blemishes.

Mechanically the car drives as it should and revs freely, the gear box shifts well and the S600 is a great little car to drive.




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