Jensen Interceptor Series 3 Coupe 1973

Jensen Interceptor Series 3 Coupe 1973

Year: 1973
VIN/#: 1368228 E/N 3C11187
Price: (AUD) $54,500
* The cash price does not include transfer fee or stamp duty if this car is sold without registration. May be eligible under “club permit scheme” in Victoria.

Finished in Daytona yellow, this Jensen was delivered new to Hong Kong and returned to UK in 1980 .Purchased by the last owner there in 2009 and imported into Australia in 2012.
In storage for the last 6 years here. This car, previous to arriving here, did have work carried out to seating, wiring, and paintwork to the tune of over GBP7,200 by Rejen in UK.
A basically sound and original car but could do with some attention to body and sill areas, as well as an updating of the a/c system.
C/N 1368228 E/N 3C11187



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