Vauxhall 30-98

Vauxhall 30-98


Year: 1922

1922 Vauxhall 30-98 E 467

This car is the latest surviving E type chassis of 275 built, being delivered ex works on 12-6-22 and like many 30-98’s, was delivered new to Australia. Australia was by far the biggest overseas market for Vauxhalls in the early 20’s as Australia was at a stage of affluence and had a very active Vauxhall agent in Sydney, Boyd Edkins. The cars were fast and relatively simple and held many records in Australian hill climbs and interstate runs, as well as being especially popular with well-off graziers.

E467 was fitted with the standard Velox body though little is known about this car until it was owned by Mr R. Grant in Sydney, who was a purchaser of many veteran and vintage cars and certainly saved many from extinction.

E467 was then sold (in a collection with three other 30-98s and one OE 30-98) and underwent a complete restoration. It is all an matching numbers car, with the exception of the rear axle which is E 388 from a slightly earlier chassis.

The next owner engaged respected Vauxhall restorer John Kent from Wangaratta to carry out further works on the engine, front and rear axles and brakes. The car enjoyed regular use before being sold to a collection.







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