Willys Overland- Whippet Tourer 1928

Willys Overland- Whippet Tourer 1928


Year: 1929

Price: (AUD) $19,500


* The cash price does not include transfer fee or stamp duty if this car is sold without registration. May be eligible under “club permit scheme” in Victoria.

This Overland Whippet was built in South Australia at their plant in Woodville, and was one of approximately 5,000 constructed there before world wide manufacture ceased in 1931, largely owing to the Great Depression. At one stage Willys cars were so popular they became the number 3 in car sales in USA behind Ford and GM.

These cars were renowned for their good handling , 4 wheel brakes and sound construction. Their light weight provided nippy performance at the time, and the 2.2 litre 4 cylinder engine and 3 speed gearbox proved popular and reliable.

This car is in very nice order and drives well. It has a good hood and we have just fitted a new battery. This car was fully registered in Victoria until 1975, but on Club Permit for the past few years.

Eng# 96-274534. Holden Body #8126. Job #3322